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谈判官 (2018)

Genres: Business, Romance
Actors: Yang Mi, Z. Tao, Cai Gang, Li James, Kuo Dylan, Mao Nikita, Zhao Chu Lun, Hu Cai Hong, Zhu Xu Dan, Lai Yi, Rong Rong, Li Ting Ting, Chao Winston
Directors: Unknown
Networks: Hunan TV
Also Known As: 亲爱的翻译官2谈判官,The Interpreter 2,Interpreters 2,Dear Translator 2,Les Interprètes 2,翻译官II,Mr. Interview 2,The Negotiators
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 41 / 41
Male lead Xie Xiaofei is the sole heir of a wealthy Chinese-American corporation, but wants nothing to do with his family business. He vents his frustrations on Tong Wei, though their bickering relationship soon takes a romantic turn. Will their love withstand business storms and challenges from their families?
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